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your inside track.

A shining example of customer input.

The 333E was shaped by customers like you. They wanted more foot room, so we designed a flat floor with 33-percent more of it. They asked for easy hydraulic attachment, so we added connect-under-pressure auxiliary couplers. They liked our engine side shields but thought they could install more securely. We agreed and improved the design. They asked for automotive-style courtesy lighting, so now lights can be preset to stay on for up to a 90-second interval before shutting down after the operator exits the machine. Then there are a host of new options, such as available electrohydraulic (EH) controls you can switch to ISO, H-pattern, or foot pedal controls for operation with the push of a button. Plus, the 333E boasts more power while maintaining our patented vertical-lift boom for exceptional lift height and reach. And its EPA Interim Tier 4 engine features automatic cleaning without impacting machine operation in most conditions.


  • Interim Tier 4-emission certified engine
  • Delivers 10-percent more horsepower than its predecessor
  • Best-in-class bucket breakout forces and pushing power
  • 10-percent more hydraulic cooling capacity
Net Power 72 kW (97 hp) @ 2,500 rpm
Tipping Load 4279 kg (9,425 lb.)
Rated Operating Capacity 1498 kg (3,300 lb.)
Bucket Breakout Force 6299 kg (13,875 lb.)