JDLink 2G

    Don't be left in the dark.
    The JDLink™ devices on your machines are 2G.
    Many network providers will shut down their 2G networks on 12/31/2016

    YOU MUST UPGRADE TODAY to 3G network devices to continue getting a JDLink™ signal. Upgrade today for a smooth transition so you never miss an alert or signal and continue to experience the full potential of JDLink™ telematics.
    Just a few of the many benefits of your JDLink™ telematics:
    • Stay connected to your equipment 24/7/365.
    • Access machine performance data.
    • Available remote software updates.
    • Access to Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
    • Machine Monitoring Specialists dedicated to proactive machine health to ensure uptime.
    • Equipment utilization and fuel consumption.
    • Integrate data into billing and estimation systems to improve future bidding accuracy.
    • Geofence and curfew features to help you prevent machine theft.
    SPECIAL UPGRADE PRICING* 3G packages available now for your machines.
    Don't be left in the dark.
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