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Payload Weighing

Payload Weighing

Haul more efficiently and track material movement

Onboard payload weighing for Deere articulated dump trucks (ADTs) provides overload protection, with mirror-mounted load indicators that inform the operator when the truck is nearing capacity. Payload scales also let the operator track total tonnage and cycles. The system will even calculate carryback after the load is dumped for accurate production values. Dump-body rollover protection that monitors chassis roll helps reduce the likelihood of a rear tip-over. When the preselected rear chassis side-to-side slope percentage is exceeded, the dump body will not raise. Onboard weighing can also monitor fore-aft angle and decrease the dump-body angle when backing down a slope to reduce dump-cycle time. Since the truck now recognizes its load, a loaded speed limit can be selected to match the worksite.

Eliminate the guesswork

Payload weighing systems for wheel loaders help increase profitability and efficiency for quarry and aggregate operations. Onboard weighing creates more efficient loading and allows material movements to be tracked. Onboard weighing systems give the loader operator information on every bucket lifted, allowing accurate measurement of every load and preventing over- or underloading. The systems also provide the ability to track multiple trucks and products to create a clear picture of product and customer movements. Working with global weighing expert LOADRITE™, select John Deere loaders now feature scale integration with JDLink™, allowing loader operators instant access to load information in real time, all through their JDLink interface.

Two payload-scale options are available:

  • LOADRITE L2180 for John Deere Advanced Payload Scale (APS)
  • Embedded Payload Scale (EPS)
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