Product Support Technology Representative

Technology is quickly changing the world we work in, and at McCoy Construction & Forestry, your Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) will ensure these changes positively impact your equipment’s productivity, uptime and reduce your daily operating costs.

Your PSTR will train you face-to-face on advancing new technologies, deliver detailed proactive messages from your machines, and be your bridge for all your parts and service needs. Our pro-active approach will help you achieve the best in Uptime, Productivity and Low Daily Operating Costs.


• JDLink and remote machine monitoring training.
• Schedule and deliver JDLink training on new equipment.
• Machine optimization consultation.
• Timely maintenance reminders.
• Monitor your warranty expirations.
• Deliver to you your machine’s optimization sessions and highlight key equipment performance data for productivity and uptime.

To visit with a PSTR, contact your local McCoy Construction & Forestry location.